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Information on Herd Protection Dogs

Claire and Damien Jeannerat and their herd of 400 sheep are protected by herd protection dogs (patous). The presence of these dogs requires some useful information for the good progress of your passage in the vicinity of their pasture.

Pour commencer, vous trouverez les pâturages utilisés durant cet été 2022 ci-dessous :


Here are some recommendations to adopt in order not to disturb the guard dogs:

  • Do not approach the herd with other dogs and always keep them on a lead.
  • Do not cross the herd.
  • Do not walk too close to the pasture.
  • Do not disturb the animals.
  • Get off the bike when approaching the pasture and keep away from it.
  • If the dog becomes upset, stop until it calms down.
  • If the dog does not calm down, turn around and go around the herd.

Watch the video !
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