Elise Hitter

First name, Last name : Elise Hitter
Age: 20 years old
Origin: Vercorin, Valais, Switzerland
Diplomas : High school diploma and commercial diploma
Studies: Unidistance, economics and management
Training centre: National Performance Centre West
Sport : Alpine skier

20.03.2010 : 1st competitions and joining the Brentaz Vercorin ski club
21.01.2019: 1st participation in the European Cup in Zinal
28.11.2019: 1st podium in a FIS race, in slalom in Adelboden
10.12.2019: Serious fall with serious consequences on a knee and very little hope of ever skiing again
15.12.2019: 1st complex operation. Beginning of a long re-education, with the conviction to come back on the circuit.
26.06.2020: 2nd operation to clean up adhesions. The doctors start to consider a return to competition.
10.11.2020: 336 days later, back on the skis and gradual return to training.
27.03.2021: Return to competition with a start at the Swiss Elite Championships and an unexpected result (13th with number 47).
03.05.2021: 3rd and final operation to remove the material (screws and titanium plate).

Meiringen Giant: 8th place (3rd time, 2nd run)
Slalom races in Lenzerheide: Top 8 (3rd time, 2nd run) with a high race number
Mid-December: First race numbers, confidence building
19 January: First starts in the European Cup in SL
February: 6 top 10s and a 3rd place in FIS races
Mid-March: 2 victories in FIS CIT races
26 - 27 March: 12th SL and 9th GS Swiss Elite Championships
April : 4 top 4 (1x 2nd) in FIS races

"The summer preparation started later than expected with a last operation to remove the plates and screws in my knee. The lights were on to start my first full season for two years. Unfortunately, I was hampered by several forced breaks during the fall and winter, knee sprain, concussion, and the long covid to test my stamina :-).
Finally, even if the winter was truncated, I am very happy with the constant progress of my skiing. Especially during the Swiss Elite Championships, where I did the 7th time on the second course to gain 13 places and rank 9th in the race among World Cup athletes. FIS points down and several podiums. These encouraging results push me to work even harder to become more consistent and to do two good runs in one race. "

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