Energy and sustainable development

Our Destination's tourism strategy includes this ambition: "Vercorin, a tourist village that develops without increasing (by decreasing) its carbon footprint."

This is why we are committed to the following eco-responsible initiatives:


Energy Agency for the Economy


Société de la Télécabine SA has been a member of the Energy Ageny for the Economy since 2022 and is thus committed to sustainable climate protection.

Société de la Télécabine SA is committed to improving its energy efficiency and reducing its greenhouse gas emissions over a ten-year period. To this end, it is implementing the improvement measures set out in the agreement, and the achievement of its targets is monitored on an annual basis.

Valais Entreprise brand

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The Valais Entreprise brand is based on the principles of the positive economy, which encourages companies to improve the quality and sustainability of their economic, ecological and social environment, in order to create services that are useful to the present and future community.

With the Valais Entreprise label, Destination Vercorin has become a responsible corporate citizen.


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Destination Vercorin participates in the Swisstainable sustainability program and is classified as level II - engaged. This label unites businesses and organizations along the entire Swiss tourism sector. Through its participation, Destination Vercorin is committed to continuous sustainable business development, pursue measures in the field of sustainability and thus make a concrete contribution to a sustainable Swiss tourism.

Restaurant Charter

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The Crêt-du-Midi restaurant is voluntarily and sustainably committed to an eco-responsible approach.

Ecology and respect for the environment are values we hold dear. Our ambition is to reduce as much as possible the impact of our activity on the magnificent nature that surrounds us. It is with your precious help and participation that we can succeed in our intentions.