Village de Vercorin

Our villages

The municipality of Chalais is made up of the villages of Chalais, Réchy and Briey as well as the resort of Vercorin.
The territory of the municipality of Chalais extends over an area of 2,345 hectares, stretching from the left boundary of the Rhône plain (520 m) up to the upper limit of the Alpine grassland (La Brinta 2,659 m). It occupies the entire interfluve in an east-west direction between the Rèche and Navizence rivers. 
Today, the villages of Chalais and Réchy, the resort of Vercorin and the hamlet of Briey make up a single and beautiful municipality with almost 3,200 inhabitants. At the height of the tourist season, Vercorin can welcome more than 4,500 guests.