Édouard Vallet Foundation


The house, acquired in 1912 by the artist couple Édouard and Marguerite Vallet-Gilliard, became in 2013 an exhibition space where each summer a new exhibition is presented to the public.

The building of the Édouard Vallet Foundation is to be discovered as much for its heritage value as for the exhibitions it offers. One room has been preserved as it was when the artists lived there, and the other rooms, as well as the old cellar, allow the public to see works by Édouard and Marguerite Vallet-Gilliard as well as contemporary creations. Cultural mediation activities are offered during the exhibition period.

Opening hours

Wednesday - Sunday14:30 - 18:30
Location View mapVercorin
Fondation Édouard Vallet
Rue Édouard Vallet 9
3967 Vercorin
Contact +41 27 455 10 00
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