31.12.2023_Nouvel an

New Year's Eve


Families can look forward to a festive 2024 in the village.

Torchlight descent by ESS.
Complimentary tea, mulled wine and agape at the Lavioz refreshment bar.
Party at 13 Lounge Bar from 11pm with complimentary glass of champagne.

The village's restaurants are offering a New Year's Eve menu. Visit

Opening hours

Sunday18:00 - 20:00
Useful information

Special New Year runs on the Chalais-Vercorin cable car: 00:30, 00:45, 01:15, 02:00, 02:30

Location View mapVercorin
Buvette du Lavioz
3967 Vercorin
Information about the activity +41 27 455 58 55
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