Visit St-Nicolas


Chalais Jeunesse has invited St. Nicholas to visit you at home!

For many years now, the "Chalais-jeunesse" society has been offering the parents of the commune of Chalais the chance to brighten up St. Nicholas' evening by providing you with a Nicolas and a Père Fouettard. So get in touch with their messenger by registering via the link!

Opening hours

Wednesday21:25 - 21:25
Useful information

If you're a parent of young children, you'll have the chance to receive a "free" visit from this joyful duo (although donations to the Chalais Youth Society are welcome - around €20 for those who don't know how much to give).

Location Chalais
Chalais Jeunesse
Imp. du Collège
3966 Chalais
Contact +41 79 327 86 88
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