Bisse de Savannes Bellecrête - Vercorin

This path, which runs along the Bisse de Savanne in the direction of the Tsabloz, takes you to the heights of the village.
An educational trail which is part of the theme trails De Chalais à Chalets and named from Chalais to Chalets via the beehives, was developed here in 2014 and presents the bee in general, beekeeping and apitherapy.
To reach the start of the trail from Vercorin, a small effort is required to climb the Tracuit path on a 130 m gradient (approx. 20 min). Afterwards, you will walk along the Bisse de Savanne, surrounded by greenery and forest, passing under the Vercorin-Crêt du Midi cable car. All along the way, you can contemplate the beauty and charm of the village of Vercorin from its heights. Once you have reached the end of the bisse de Savanne and have arrived at the intersection, you will have to turn right to finally reach the village of Vercorin by discovering its various districts which make up its charm.

At the height of the Tsabloz, the Bisse de Savannes-Bellecrête joins the Bisse de Vercorin which takes you into the Vallon de Réchy.

Useful information

Climb the Trail. Once you reach the bisse, follow it up to the Tsabloz. 

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