Bisse de Ricard - Chalais

The Bisse de Ricard, which dates back to the 15th century, takes its water from the deep gorges of the Navizence, under the Niouc suspension bridge. The Bisse de Ricard is still in use, but the first part has been replaced by a tunnel. It is still possible to follow the original route, however the crossing of a few corridors is exposed, but a handrail equips the most perilous passages.
After leaving the gorges, the bisse flows in the open air, except for a few sections under pipes. The bisse is bordered by a path all the way through the vineyards, shady meadows and ends in the Rèche, a little below the waterfall.
An educational trail has been developed along the route, with themes such as the functioning of the water channels, their use, the link with agriculture, fauna and flora, and a little history. It is part of the educational trails from Chalais to the Chalets and is named after the Ricard river.

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From the bottom station of the Chalais cable car, take the Rue de la Tour to reach the path leading to the heights of Chalais and the Arche des Crétillons. Come back along the Bisse du Ricard and go back down under the cable car line to reach your starting point. 

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