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Vercorin-Vissoie shuttle

You can reach the other resorts in the Val d’Anniviers with the Vercorin-Vissoie shuttle.

The shuttle operates during the following periods:


Due to the closure of the Vercorin-Pinsec road, the 12.457 Vercorin-Vissoie shuttle will be unable to operate from February 26 to March 1, 2024 inclusive.


The shuttle is completely free of charge.


Departure from Vissoie
Vissoie, Poste Departure from Vissoie 08:10 16:15
Mayoux Departure from Vissoie 08:14 16:19
Pinsec Village Departure from Vissoie 08:18 16:23
Vercorin, Télécabine Departure from Vissoie 08:33 16:38
Vercorin, Poste Departure from Vissoie 08:35 16:40
Departure from Vercorin
Vercorin, Poste Departure from Vercorin 08:50 17:00
Vercorin, Télécabine Departure from Vercorin 08:51 17:01
Pinsec Village Departure from Vercorin 09:05 17:15
Mayoux Departure from Vercorin 09:10 17:20
Vissoie, Poste Departure from Vercorin 09:15 17:25