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The Association Artisanale et Culturelle de Vercorin aims to help maintain activities in the village center through occasional events. It has also opened a creative hobby workshop in the village center, opposite the Hôtel des Mayens. It collaborates with the various village societies and with Vercorin Tourisme.

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Mrs Claude Franzetti
Rue de la Poste 2, 3967 Vercorin
079 715 77 38

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Société de Développement

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The new Société de Développement Vercorin (SDV) was created in a context in which the creation of the SA du Tourisme (VTSA) in 2020 fundamentally altered its raison d'être and its operations, both in terms of its mandate and its resources. In a nutshell, the VTSA had to find its own space and field of action, and set up a committee that was as representative as possible.

As a result, the SDV now has a seat on the VTSA Board of Directors, where it exercises part of its powers, debating with the other board members the destination's tourism challenges, both present and future. In so doing, the SDV is reviving one of the traditional functions of the SDs in the Valais, namely to represent and defend the interests of village tourism.

But it's just as much on the ground - the village and its surroundings - that the SDV intends to focus its energy, federating the associative milieu, promoting those traditional, artisanal, cultural, sporting and innovative events which throughout the four seasons enliven our social and recreational life. In this respect, and thanks to a fund granted by the Commune and the contributions of our association's members, the SDV is today able to encourage and financially support the initiatives of local societies and organizing committees, thereby helping to make our village ever more lively and attractive, for its inhabitants and guests alike.
By 2022, the SDV will have supported some twenty events. We owe this, of course, to our contributors - the Commune and the SDV's paid-up members - but also to the commitment of the dozens of volunteers who spare neither their strength nor their time to build the conviviality of our village. To them, thank you!
And if you're a resident of Vercorin - permanent or temporary - and would like to join this corps of volunteers for one event or another, welcome! And a warm welcome to those who would like to join the SDV as paying members, because your contribution and your ideas can only enrich the SDV and our village.


Edouard Vallet Foundation

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Lieu de mémoire et d'exposition
The house, acquired in 1912 by the artist couple Édouard and Marguerite Vallet-Gilliard, became an exhibition venue in 2013, where a new exhibition is presented to the public every summer.

The Fondation Édouard Vallet building is worth discovering both for its heritage value and for the exhibitions it offers. One room has been preserved as it was when the artists lived there, and the other rooms, as well as the former cellar, are used to present works by Édouard and Marguerite Vallet-Gilliard as well as contemporary creations. Cultural mediation activities are offered during the exhibition period.

Rue Edouard Vallet 9, 3967 Vercorin
+41 (0)27 455 10 00

Les amis du Vallon de Réchy

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Founded in 1984, the Association des Amis du Vallon de Réchy aims to raise awareness of the need to preserve the Vallon, but also to promote its natural beauty.

Another of the Association's aims is to promote walking tourism. It therefore offers a number of activities, including guided walks to discover the region and learn a little more about its magnificent natural resources.

Case postale 52, 3966 Réchy

Verco R2 Association

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Association of owners and tenants of second homes in Vercorin.