Ski area

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Informed advice for walking at night

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He's rebuilding the Vercorin ski area his own backyard

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Christmas holidays: Vercorin fills to capacity

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Vercofly: a race between heaven and eart

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At the end of the February holidays, a mixed bag for French-speaking ski resorts

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Ski-lifts, pumptrack, toboggans: Vercorin wants to target families and is pulling out all the stops at Creux du Lavioz

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The Valais resorts are smiling as they take stock. Interview with Arthur Clivaz, destination manager for Vercorin.

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The Tracui-Mont-Major chairlift has been inaugurated

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Vercorin celebrates its new chairlift and the extension of its snowmaking network

Rhône FM, 29.08.2021

Télévercorin draws a satisfactory balance sheet for the 20-21 season

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The new Tracui chairlift will be completed by winter

Le Journal de Sierre, 27.08.2021

Chairlift, mechanical snow-making and cable car

Rhône FM, 24.08.2021

New chairlift and extension of the snowmaking network: Vercorin prepares for the winter season

Couleurs Locales, 09.07.2021

​​​​​​​Couleurs d'été, Interview with Forêt Aventures manager Sébastien Jordan

Couleurs Locales, 09.07.2021

Couleurs d'été, Arrival at Crêt du Midi and departure of paragliders

Couleurs Locales, 10.03.2021

Interview with Frédéric Glassey, Director of the Société de la Télécabine de Vercorin SA