Elise Hitter

First name, Last name : Elise Hitter
Year of birth: 2000
Origin: Vercorin, Valais, Switzerland
Diplomas: Gymnasium and commercial diploma
Education: Unidistance, economie et management
Training centre: National Performance Centre West
Sport: Alpine skier



"My current ranking has enabled me to join the ski team at the University of Westminster in Salt Lake City, Utah. I seized this opportunity to do everything I could to reach the highest level in the world, while at the same time juggling my studies. My passion for discovery and my sport led me to embark on this new project, which will help me to grow as an athlete. I'm looking forward to racing on the North American circuit (the equivalent of the European Cup) and pursuing a bachelor's degree in management."

CALENDAR 2023/2024

North American Circuit (Nor-Am) :

University circuit (NCAA - Division I) :



2021/2022 RESULTS

"Summer preparation started later than expected with a final operation to remove the plates and screws in my knee. The lights were on for my first full season in two years. Unfortunately, I was hampered by several forced breaks during the autumn and winter, a sprained knee, concussion and the long covid to test my stamina :-).
In the end, even though the winter was cut short, I'm really pleased with the steady progress my skiing has made. Particularly at the elite Swiss championships, where I clocked the 7th fastest time on the second run to make up 13 places and finish 9th in the race among World Cup athletes. FIS points down and several podiums. These encouraging results have encouraged me to work even harder to become more consistent and complete two good runs in one race. "