Forest Adventures


In the heart of the Sigeroulaz mountain pasture, on the heights of Vercorin, the Forêt Aventures invites you to experience new sensations, in complete safety. You move from tree to tree, at your own pace, along the various obstacles that challenge you: suspension bridges, lianas, zip lines, aerial courses, etc.

Suspended between heaven and earth, in the middle of nature, go on an adventure at the top of the trees. Fill up on energy and enjoy the thrill of the ride. 6 continuous lifeline courses and 7 zip lines test your agility, composure, balance and skill. Not easy every day to put yourself in the shoes of a monkey!

Quick jump :
Defy weightlessness at the end of a wire, plunge into the air before landing softly on a platform 13 meters below: thrills guaranteed with the Angel Jump, a free-fall structure in complete safety.

Climbing Wall:
Look up and concentrate before attacking the sides of the generous arolle sheltering the start of the great zip line; after the balance and the control of the void, compete of dexterity!

Opening hours

Monday - Sunday10:00 - 15:00
Saturday - Sunday10:00 - 15:00
Monday - Sunday10:00 - 15:00


Individual price for the forest + gondola + cable carSenior (1959 and before) : CHF 49.- Adult (1960-1998) : CHF 54.- Youth (1999-2007) : CHF 49.- Child (2008-2017) : CHF 31.-
Individual rate for the forest + gondolaSenior (1959 and before) : CHF 40.- Adult (1960-1998) : CHF 47.- Youth (1999-2007) : CHF 40.01 Child (2008-2017) : CHF 27.-
Individual price for the forestSenior (1959 and before) : CHF 34.- Adult (1960-1998) : CHF 38.- Youth (1999-2007) : CHF 34.- Child (2008-2017) : CHF 23.-
Useful information

Criteria for the first 4 courses: 6 years or 1m10
Criteria for courses 5 and 6: from 1m50
Last pick-up: 3pm
15% discount for families from 3 persons and groups from 15 persons.
During weekday closures: reservations possible for 10 people or more.

Location View mapVercorin
Vercorin Tourisme SA
Route d'Anniviers 1
3967 Vercorin
Contact +41 27 455 58 55
  • Suitable for groups
  • Picnic area available
  • Suitable for families
  • Opening conditions : Subject to favourable weather conditions
  • Seasonality : Summer, Autumn

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