Vallon de Réchy


Since 1998, the Vallon de Réchy has been listed in the federal inventory of landscapes, sites and monuments (IFP). This means that it must be preserved intact and be the object of a broad protection. The site is then classified as being of national importance.
Its waterfall, the meandering Ar du Tsan, its Lac du Louché and the diversity of its fauna give it a wild and pure character. A natural reserve to discover on foot, in the calm and contemplation.

Discover this reserve by taking the bisse de Vercorin, then observe the local fauna from the buvette de la Lé. On the heights, you will discover the crystalline water of the meandering Ar du Tsan, then the lake of Louché. One of the secrets of the Valais lies in its secluded, unspoiled places, its grandiose landscapes rich in emotions, sources of inspiration for many artists, painters, poets, writers or photographers.

The Vallon de Réchy is divided into 3 different levels:
The Bas-Vallon : after having fallen from an impressive waterfall, the Rèche flows between forests, clearings and mayens.
The Vallon-Moyen: a rock barrier stands across the valley. Once through this natural gateway, the trees give way to vast plateaus covered with moors. The alpine meadows then follow one another in the heart of the Ar du Tsan.
The Haut-Vallon: the upper part of the valley shelters the Lac du Louché. This part also plays the role of a water tower that keeps drinking water in reserve for the inhabitants of the region.

You can reach it thanks to various hikes:
- Crêt-du-Midi - Ar du Tsan : 1h10 (one way)
- Crêt-du-Midi - Lac du Louché : 5h15 (round trip)
- Crêt-du-Midi - Cabane des becs : 4h45 (one way)
- Refuge du Bisse - Buvette de la Lé : 1h (one way, along the bisse of Vercorin)
- Vercorin - Buvette de la Lé : 2h (one way)
- Crêt-du-Midi - Ar du Tsan - La Lé - Vercorin : 4h (one way)

Refreshment bars and lodging:
- La Lé refreshment bar
- Refreshment bar and hut of Tsartsey
- Cabane des Becs

Useful information

No fires allowed.
Bicycle access prohibited.
Camping is prohibited.
It is forbidden to throw garbage in the area.
It is forbidden to harvest any kind of plant.
Dogs must be kept on a leash.

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