Ar du Tsan

One of the secrets of the Valais lies in its secluded, unspoilt places, its grandiose and emotionally rich landscapes, sources of inspiration for many artists, painters, poets, writers and photographers.  The Vallon de Réchy is preserved from civilization. With no roads or buildings, it offers vast possibilities for hiking and defines itself as a haven of peace.
The Vallon de Réchy is divided into 3 different levels:
The Bas-Vallon: after throwing itself from an impressive waterfall, the river Rèche flows between forests, clearings and mayens.
Le Vallon-Moyen: a barrier of rock stands out across the valley. Once through this natural gate, the trees give way to vast plateaux covered with moorland. Alpine meadows follow one another in the heart of the Ar du Tsan.
The Haut-Vallon: the upper part of the valley shelters the Lac du Louché. This part also acts as a water tower which keeps drinking water in reserve for the inhabitants of the region.

Useful information

Arrived at the Crêt-du-Midi, follow the ridge in front of the exit of the cable car then take the path towards the Ar du Tsan, once you have passed the barrier of the Vallon de Réchy reserve, you are at the Ar du Tsan. 

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