La Lé

Its waterfall, the meanders of the Ar du Tsan, its Lac du Louché and the diversity of its fauna give the Vallon de Réchy a wild and pure character. A nature reserve to be discovered on foot, in calm and contemplation.
To begin, take the cable car from Vercorin to reach the Crêt-du-Midi at an altitude of 2'336m. Once at the top of the Crêt-du-Midi, walk along the heights of Vercorin with a clear view of the other side of the Valais, towards the meanders of the Ar du Tsan. Once you have reached the flat Ar du Tsan, contemplate the greenery that reigns there as well as the waterfall of the Rèche. Afterwards, descend for about forty minutes along the left bank of the Rèche, accompanied by the gentle sound of its descent, then admire the fauna and flora that make the Vallon de Réchy such a unique place. When you reach the bottom, cross the bridge to reach the refreshment bar of La Lé where you can taste local specialities.

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Arrived at the Crêt-du-Midi, follow the ridge in front of the exit of the cable car then take the path towards the Ar du Tsan, once you have passed the barrier of the Vallon de Réchy reserve go to the top of the waterfall and go down along the left bank. Once you reach the bridge, always go back up by staying on the left bank, you will then see the Buvette de La Lé below. Then take the Bisse de Vercorin, once you reach the Refuge du Bisse, go down towards the village. 

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