Bisse de Vercorin - Return by the Mayens de Réchy

To begin with, you will discover the charm of the village of Vercorin on your way up towards the Mayens des Tsables, before walking for a good hour on the forest road that will lead you to the refuge du bisse. Afterwards, you can admire the charming bisse de Vercorin before arriving at the refreshment bar of La Lé where you can taste local products in the heart of the Vallon de Réchy. After a short break in the calm of this region, take the road down along the right bank of the Rèche. Let yourself be lulled by the gentle sound of its flowing waters as you join the Mayens de Réchy who will also charm you. Then take a path in the forest which will take you through Les Vernys before reaching the Tsâblos and the refuge du bisse. To finish, join the village by taking the same path as on the outward journey. Lovers of nature and forests, this path full of greenery and trees of all kinds will seduce you. 

Useful information

Leaving Vercorin, join the refuge du bisse via the chemin du bisse. Follow the Bisse de Vercorin to the Buvette de La Lé. Then descend, staying on the right bank of the Rèche in the direction of Les Mayens de Réchy. Once you reach the Mayens de Réchy, turn right to join the Mayens des Tsabloz via Les Vernys. Then go down towards the village of Vercorin. 

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