Trail : La Dérupe / Vercorin

The famous Dérupe trail linking the two villages in the municipality of Chalais, Chalais and Vercorin, via Briey, offers ideal training for mountain races. With a positive altitude difference of 800m over 4.8km, this trail is ideal for runners looking to improve their climbing skills.After passing through part of the village of Chalais, you'll be able to admire it from the heights. All along the trail, you'll be surprised by the superb panoramic views. From Sierre to Réchy, the view promises to be impressive. Walk along the vineyards of Domaine Mathieu, then through the forest towards Briey. Follow the old Chalais-Vercorin road through the forest before reaching the Bouillet chapel. Finally, walk along the underside of the village of Vercorin to reach the Vercorin resort.The cable car will take you back down to Chalais (7 minutes).

This trail is ideal for training your uphill running while making the most of the breathtaking views over the Rhône Valley.

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