Village de Vercorin en hiver - neige

Guest card for secondary residents

Are you a secondary resident in Vercorin? Then you will benefit from offers specially selected for you! Pick up your card directly at the Tourist Office.
Your new guest card allows you to benefit from reduced rates throughout the year. This guest card, which can be passed on to the people you are hosting, is intended to help you discover the activities and shops of your destination and to encourage you to consume locally during your stay in Vercorin. 
It is also part of the Commune's tourism strategy, which will be put in place at the time of the revision of the regulations on tourist taxes in 2020. Easy to use, you present it in the shops participating in the operation and once scanned, it allows you to take advantage of the proposed benefits. The principle of operation is as follows: participating merchants offer you a part of the discount, while the other part is covered by Vercorin Tourism. 
 The distribution of the card is based on the regulation of tourist taxes and the fixed price per UPM (unit per household). Therefore, owners paying between 1 UPM and 3.5 UPM receive 1 guest card and those paying at least 4 UPM receive 2 guest cards. 

If a secondary resident rents out his or her property to you, you will be entitled to the guest card for "guests" . This can be collected directly from our tourist office, on presentation of proof of payment of the tourist tax.